by the oak tree

It would be nice to get to know our little family before touring around our humble abode (well, the online one anyway).

Click on their names to zoom right into their "family backgrounds". I just realised that there is a pattern of their names getting longer.


Name: Viktor
Birthday: 12th November
Type: Volks SD13 Hiroshima Chris
Physical age : 13
Mental age: 23

Background: The youngest son of an influential merchant back in the Victorian times. He is often described as moody or grumpy, but it is really just his features. Yes, really.

He might be aloof at times, no scrap that, he is an arrogant prick. Despite being so, he is still very popular among the ladies. Maybe they just love to mother him.

He has a sister, Elisabeth, who is seven years older.


Name: Cosmo
Birthday: 2nd June
Type: Lati Yellow Miel
Physical age: 5
Mental age: 18

Background: Viktor's younger cousin by five years. Orphaned at the age of 8, he lives with Viktor's family and is Viktor's biggest supporter or you can say, fan. He enjoys art and aspires to follow his father's footsteps and become an artist one day.

A chatty boy who grasped the art of diplomacy at a young age and is well-loved among relatives and friends.


Name: Elizabeth
Birthday: 21st December
Type: DAL Jolie
Physical age: Unknown
Mental age: Unknown

Background: She is named after Viktor's sister which irks him to no end. A quiet girl who enjoys good food and loves to read. She plays the guitar and enjoys playing the classical pieces.


Name: Magdalene
Birthday: 30th October
Type: Blythe Veronica Lace
Physical age: Unknown
Mental age: Unknown

Background: If Elizabeth only had Viktor's sister's name, then Magdalene is the missing part to the puzzle. She is Elisabeth reincarnate, personality-wise ofcourse. She is graceful, confident but extremely conservative even if her hair implies otherwise.